How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Make Money on YouTube?

How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Make Money on YouTube
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The YouTube Partner Program has minimum eligibility for monetization which is fairly higher than in past years. Your channel needs to have 4,000 watch hours for the year as well as 1,000 subscribers.

Only then will your channel be reviewed for approval. Once approved, the earning potential is quite high if you are diligent concerning content creation and stick to high-quality standards which resonate with your audience.

Video content creation and monetization on YouTube is a massive industry although, without the right approach, effort, and investment of time and production costs, few will attain the riches of YouTube’s stars. YouTube has turned some people into instant millionaires while many others earn a stable income without ever having to do anything else other than attending to the content needs of their audience.

Here’s a look at how many subscribers you need to make money on YouTube so that new publishers have a better idea of what to expect.

Variable Advertising Models

Variable Advertising Models

There is no accurate way to determine how many subscribers you will need to make any given target amount of money on YouTube. YouTube advertisers pay using two models – CPM and CPC. Cost per click advertising doesn’t pay according to your subscribers but instead pays per click through, and then per conversion. Affiliate programs marketed via YouTube using third-party sources use a similar model but pay a commission instead.

Cost per 1,000 view advertising is the standard model used by most advertisers and channels. YouTube revenue only counts towards your earnings when a viewer has watched a video for at least 30 seconds. If your video classes as extremely short, then half of the ad duration has to be watched for the revenue to add to your AdSense earnings.

Leveraging Your Audience

The most successful YouTubers will leverage their audience for the highest revenue using various techniques. Posting time and frequency are of the utmost importance as you want to reach your viewers in the time zones and at the times at which they are most comfortable, and most likely to be in front of a connected device.

Just because your channel has 100,000 subscribers doesn’t mean that you’ll be earning the same as another video creator. You could even be covering an almost identical niche with nearly identical content performing almost the same in terms of subscribers and views but earnings will still differ.

Engaging Content Creation

The more engaging your content the more likely you are to have it reach all of your subscribers thus making you the most money from your efforts. YouTube supplies video creators with in-depth analytics concerning their audience.

It is not good enough to rake in subscribers without keeping their needs met. Just because someone follows you channel it doesn’t mean that they’ll take the time to actively notice what you post. The more engaged your audience, the more valuable your subscribers.

Factors Affecting Your Earnings

Many factors affect how much your video has the potential to earn. Every country has a different CPM and every keyword set related to your video will change the revenue rate. It is therefore extremely important to make sure that all your videos carry relevant targeted meta information, titles, and descriptions.

You want your video to be selected when an ad advertisers sets out his campaign. If you don’t have your videos tagged and titled properly, you’re going to miss out on earnings.

The presence of any rude, offensive, racially offensive, or misleading content also deters advertisers and will possibly get your videos deleted. Always try to target your content to match the needs of prospective advertisers and stay away from anything that would make your video unsuitable for family viewing; even keywords and descriptions count in this regard.

A Basic Subscriber Goal to Aspire Towards

A Basic Subscriber Goal to Aspire Towards

When one looks at popular media trends, a certain logic can be noticed. Two major companies which connect advertisers with YouTubers are Famebit and Grapevinelogic. Both have a massive reach and are responsible for huge deals across the YouTube network.

Before you can begin using Famebit you need to have 5,000 subscribers, while Grapevine wants you to have 10,000 before they’ll let you collaborate with sponsors.

This shows that most channels only start earning between $100 and $300 per month from YouTube ads (making them recognized by major channels) when they reach 10,000 subscribers. While this is a relative measure, it does give new YouTuber’s a good target to work toward.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can make you money in YouTube with a minimal number of subscribers. By reviewing a particular type of product on a regular basis, or broadcast advice from a field that you specialize in while promoting a connected product, you can earn a steady income.

YouTubers can start to promote products and services using affiliate marketing models and earn a commission from their sales before their channel has come anywhere near the 1,000 subscriber mark.

Innovative online marketers often use call per action (CPA) affiliate programs to earn small but steady revenues from simple services such as online signups to games, dating services, credit review sites, insurers, and more.

From the thousands of products available to market on ClickBank to the massive store of supplies available through Amazon, there are tons of things to resell or promote on YouTube without you needing a massive subscriber base.

Sustaining Audience Growth

Uploading good-quality videos regularly which you audience simply can’t wait to comment on and engage with is a sure-fire way to grow your subscriber base. Once you are large enough you may even become well-recognized enough to be offered sponsored posting. Be sure to explore this lucrative addition to your revenue streams as soon as your channel grows large enough.

There is no definite number of subscribers that you need to begin making money. It is all about how you communicate your message to your followers and harness the traffic towards your monetization. If you are planning to make a career from broadcasting your own YouTube channel, then you will want to grow a real relationship with the people who watch your videos.

The better they get to know you and your unique voice, the more dedicated they will be to watch your videos for however long you plan to produce them.

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