How Much Money Do You Get Per View On YouTube?

How Much Money Do You Get Per View On YouTube?
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YouTube, a video-streaming site owned by Google, is an enormous platform with tens of thousands of hours worth of content from diverse genres being uploaded every minute. It was founded in 2005 and is one of the most popular sites on the web. No wonder, there are many who wonder how much money do you get per view on YouTube.

Whether you’re an individual or a business and regardless of where you are in the world, anybody who has an internet connection can share content on YouTube. That’s because its available in more than 50 languages. For good or bad, anybody can upload their content.

To be able to do so, the very first thing that you have to do is create a YouTube account.

First Things First: Creating a YouTube Account

To benefit from YouTube, you will need to create a YouTube account first. The potential is there to make money on the platform; we all know that. Once you have gone through all the right processes of setting up your channel to make money as well as having advertisers who want their ads on your videos, all that’s left is for viewers to show an interest. Then, it’s just a case of the money generating some form of income for you.

Earning good money on YouTube is possible, but it takes time, and you have first to have to establish an audience on your YouTube channel before it brings any money in. You also need good videos, which you can target at a specific audience. Lastly, you need to work at promoting these videos through the likes of social media to gain a subscriber base.

What is the formula for success on this video-sharing platform, really? What is the earning potential in different countries? Traffic from the UK and USA, for instance, is going to get a higher cost per click as compared to countries like Brazil, South Africa, and India.

When uploading a video on YouTube, you will get paid based on ad views and the number of ad clicks. There isn’t an exact answer—nothing is set in stone—and there are many factors that influence the cost to have your ad viewed by thousands. For instance, AdSense payments are based on the clicks of adverts and not just views, so trying to calculate revenue on views alone can be difficult.

Different Demographics That Will Affect Your YouTube Earnings

YouTubers have reason to wonder why two videos with the same number of views earn different amounts of revenue, but that’s because there are so many factors that come into play. Video length, video topic, competition in the market, and even keywords can influence whether certain advertisers target the video and what your earnings will be.

There are certain demographics that will influence your earnings on YouTube. These are:

  • Lower income earners often earn less than professional working people
  • The content of your video or niche will decide your cost-per-click
  • Different kinds of adverts are displayed on YouTube, and while Bumper ads and TrueView pay according to view, pre-roll ads pay per click
  • A YouTube channel with millions of subscribers gets better cost-per-click ads than a new YouTube channel with few subscribers
  • YouTube is about quality videos really, so users who watch the video to the end are indicating that the video was good, amounting to higher cost-per-click ads

How Much Money Do You Get Per View on YouTube?

It wouldn’t be a wise move to invest time and effort into YouTube videos without looking at the profits. Most people want to know more or less what YouTube will pay for a million views.

On average you earn $3 to $10 per 1000 views with CPC and CPI or Cost Per Impression advertisements. For one million views, the total earnings will be $3000 to $10,000 per million views.

However, this only happens if you are in compliance with YouTube Partner Program policies. As you’ve seen, there are different monetization options to look at, so you can consider which is best based on your content and preferences.

Your videos will need to be video-search-engine-optimized to make it more accessible to others and so that they can be shared on the likes of Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

How the Quality of Ads Impacts Revenue

Generating revenue from a YouTube channel includes having adverts on your channel. However, the quality of ads will impact revenue, and creative ads can result in more views, more clicks, and more revenue for the YouTuber.

You will need to take note of demographics and be aware of what viewers like. A great feature of YouTube is the ability to comment on videos and to receive qualitative feedback on your videos as this can increase the online visibility that you want.

Advertising is a good part of revenue, so it pays to find out how to turn on advert formats as your default to show on videos you monetize. If your channel isn’t suitable for advertising, you can disable ads and pursue other eligible monetization options.

Sponsored Videos As Another Option to Earn Revenue

There are, however, many people who aren’t a bit interested in viewing advertisements, most times even skipping them totally. Brands, then, take another route by paying the YouTube channel to create a sponsored video.

Some brands also sponsor YouTube channels, and the YouTuber will need to promote and recommend their products to readers. YouTubers charge a fixed price based on the views expected, with the usual price being between $10 to $50 per 1000 views of the video.

However, unless your videos are getting a million views, you may not be able to get sponsored content.

Final Words

You may be one of the many who has created some videos and is building up a channel on YouTube. Getting paid on YouTube is a matter of setting up your channel for monetization, choosing your ad formats, trusting and doing what it takes to ensure brands want to advertise on your videos, measuring your performance, and eventually, getting paid.

How much money do you get per view on YouTube is dependable, but once you have an audience, you can start to think about earning money bearing in mind that YouTube has a formal process you need to go through before you can start raking in big bucks.

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