How Much Money Does 1 Million Views on YouTube Make?

How Much Money Does 1 Million Views on YouTube Make?
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Are you wondering how much money does 1 million views on YouTube make? This is such an interesting topic, but you will find out that there is no definite answer because it is not actually some kind of fixed pay. What you should be asking, then, is how do the biggest YouTubers get so rich?

You have to admit; there is really a big question mark there. Surely, for those who want to become the next biggest YouTuber, you might be aiming for your first million views to say that you have made it big. But do views really come with big bucks?

How Much Money Does 1 Million Views on YouTube Make?

We are going to tackle the big question now, and the answer is, not much. We wish we can quantify this answer, but as you read through this article, you will find out why there is no exact number.

Accordingly, we said that it is not much because a million views do not equate to a million numbers. In fact, the YouTube algorithm changed so much for the past years that no one can really say if your video will make a lot of money even if it reaches a million views.

By not much, we mean that a million views will amount to about $2,000. If you look at it, it might be big money, right? But if you factor in the fact that you have daily expenses, rent, and other miscellaneous expenses, this amount of money is not a lot. At the same time, a single video will not reach a million views in one day, except if you are Pewdiepie.

The biggest YouTubers certainly have it better. If they have at least three million subscribers who are very keen on watching their videos, a single video might reach a million views in a week or so. But, of course, that is not guaranteed even if they have a lot of subscribers that do not really equate to views.

What Are CPM and CPC?

Before we go through how the amount is calculated, let us first talk about the two terms that can help us understand the formula.

CPM or Cost-per-Mille

CPM stands for cost-per-mille or cost-per-thousand. This refers to the amount that you should earn based on 1,000 impressions of an ad. When we say an ad impression, it simply means that 1,000 viewers watched or clicked an advertisement in your video. It is good to note that every ad impression is different in that some might earn $0.20 or 0.50. It all depends on the advertisers on Google.

There are also advertisers that pay as much as $10 per ad impression, and those ads are what you see in the videos of the biggest YouTubers. Do those YouTubers pick those ads? No, Youtube analytics takes care of that. This means that even Pewdiepie can get $0.25 per ad impression.

At the same time, the computation of your CPM is also based on the regularity of your videos and the length of the videos that you post. Keep in mind; longer videos do not necessarily mean huge ad impressions.

Further, it is also based on the demographics of your viewers, their watch time, and even their YouTube activity. All of which do not have a quantifiable basis on how they are computed.

CPC or Cost-per-Click

On the other hand, CPC stands for cost-per-click. This is when an ad impression gets clicked, and the viewer can view the add on another site. It does not matter whether they bought something. What is important is that they click on the ad impression.

As you might notice, this is hard to attain since, mostly, people will just remove the ad or skip a video ad.

How Is It Computed?

Now that you know what CPM and CPC are, let us now go over the calculation for revenue. Let us say that you have a CPM of $50 for a day. YouTube will then take 45% of that based on the YouTube Partnership Program. Therefore, your total revenue is only 55% of that $50.

More than that, there are creators that have MCNs or Multi-Channel Networks that can help creators with advertising, marketing, and other YouTube tools. They also have a cut on your CPM, and usually, that is 45% as well. So, if you have an MCN, then you are now left with 10% of your $50.

Therefore, it is just like having $1 per CPM. Let us not forget, CPM means a thousand views. So going back to our $50 example, when you reach a million views, you will get $2,500 for that video. Again, this will change based on the cost of the ad impression. The same computation applies to CPC.

Is It Enough?

This is definitely enough for big shot YouTubers who have an average view of at least 250,000 to 500,000 per day. For sure, there are creators who can reach a million views in just a day. But, again, for those who are starting out and focusing on a million views, clearly, it is not that much for you to quit your day job for.

In order for you to reach this level, you should have consistent videos and upload at least two videos a week. Not only that, but your subscribers should also be loyal viewers so that you are assured that with every view, the CPM and CPC will matter.

In short, getting up to that level where you can really turn uploading YouTube videos into a job requires a lot of work and determination because, as you saw, even big YouTubers have it tough.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have a general idea on how much money does 1 million views on YouTube make, your focus should no longer be on revenue. In fact, if you are really serious about doing this thing enough that you are planning on leaving your day job, you should devote more on content.

Good content will ensure that you will always have viewers, and having many viewers and subscribers only mean one thing. It is that they will contribute to your CPM and CPC.

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