How to Get Paid from YouTube?

How to Get Paid from YouTube
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There are a couple of ways to earn money from your videos. From the preferred method – partnering with YouTube – to monetization methods available on other platforms and the directed traffic itself, making money from your videos is easy.

Your traffic directly determines your potential for earnings, with the type of ads displayed setting the rate for your vertical.

Here we’ll be taking you through a complete look at how to get paid from YouTube video publishing.

Our guide will take you through every monetization option available, highlight just how you can capitalize on content creation in the most lucrative ways possible.

No. 1 Way to Get Paid from YouTube – The YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program lets you display targeted video ads during the playback of your videos. It is the best way to monetize video content and delivers highly lucrative rates. Given the massive popularity and monopoly of YouTube, there is no better way to reach a huge potential audience and earn ad revenue which is hard to beat.

No. 1 Way to Get Paid from YouTube

Even though YouTube takes roughly 45% of all advertising revenue, it still gives users great rates from advertising partners. Once you’re approved for the YouTube Partner Program, your earnings will be relative to the cost per million impressions of the keyword or keyword group targeted.

Getting Approved for the YouTube Partner Program

Getting into the YouTube Partner Program may be harder than it once was but dedicated producers should still find it quite easy. Before monetization using the Partner Program is allowed, you first need:

  • Above 4,000 hours watched in the last 12 months
  • Above 1,000 subscribers
  • Content fitting the criteria of the YouTube Partner Program policies
  • A linked, approved AdSense account

You can apply to join the YouTube Partner Program with a brand-new channel. Applications will be evaluated as milestones are reached. Alternatively, you can grow your channel and apply once you know you are ready. It is up to you.

How to Link YouTube Channel to a New AdSense Account

If you’re setting up monetization for a new AdSense account then don’t create one first. If you visit and create a new account then monetization will be disabled for your channel. Instead, follow these easy instructions:

  • Login to YouTube
  • Select your account icon and then select ‘creator studio’
  • Select ‘channel’ from the left and then select ‘status and features’
  • Select ‘enable’ under ‘monetization
  • Follow the onscreen prompts

You’re notified by mail as soon as the review of your application is complete. Approval lets you start monetizing your videos immediately. Most disapprovals are due to channel activity being too low. Be sure to check out the community guidelines and adjust if needed. You’re free to reapply for the YouTube Partner Program every thirty days.

Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines

Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines

All videos uploaded to YouTube need to comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines. In addition to being suited to all audiences, your content needs to pass all of these conditions. All of the following content is in violation of YouTube policies and will result in your video being removed from YouTube in addition to a strike being served against your channel:

  • Sexual content and nudity
  • Videos promoting harmful/dangerous acts
  • Hateful content
  • Violent content
  • Disturbing content
  • Harassment videos
  • Videos intended to defame or threaten
  • Videos infringing on copyrights
  • Content impersonating another
  • Content in violation of child safety
  • Content promoting scams or misleading the user
  • Content serving as an invasion of privacy

Advertisers are always looking for new videos to promote their products and services. It is vitally important for your content to not only be in compliance with guidelines but actively be suited to prospective employers.

Refrain from crude or vulgar language and excessive use of unsuitable euphemisms or adult content. There are scenarios where it may be necessary but use good discretion and stay family safe as far as possible.

How Much Do I Need to Earn to Get Paid?

Your earnings need to total $100 before you can request a deposit or check. While it is hard to determine an exact number of views or subscribers to reach before you will amass enough revenue to reach pay out, most YouTubers average $100 by the time that they reach 10,000 subscribers.

If you are supplying promotional videos for products where you’ll be earning an affiliate fee or commission, then your earnings could exceed $100 with fewer subscribers but this does not directly involve the YouTube Partner Program and is an alternate means of monetization.

Withdrawing Money from AdSense

All of your earnings through the YouTube Partner program are paid to your AdSense account. An AdSense payment cycle runs monthly. Your earnings on YouTube will accrue over the course of a full month. At the start of the new month, your finalized earnings update your balance on your ‘Transactions‘ page. As long as you have no hold payments and your balance exceeds the payment threshold, AdSense payments are issued between the 21st and the 26th. There are five ways to withdraw your earnings from AdSense, namely:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Check (allow two to four weeks)
  • Western Union Quick Cash
  • Wire Transfer
  • Rapida

Grace Period

If you fall below the watch hours or subscriptions during any given month due to deleting videos or losing subscribers rapidly, you fall into a 30-day grace period. Once you reach the 1,000 subscription and 4,000 watch hours mark, YouTube automatically re-evaluates your channel to see whether you meet full compliance.  After six months, most channels are removed from the program although this does not always pose to be true for larger, more established uploaders.

Losing Monetization

If you drop below the minimums for six months or more, YouTube will remove you from the Partner Program. Six months’ worth of dropping below the program threshold, six months’ worth of inactivity, and violating any of the YouTube Partner Program Rules can all result in monetization being stopped.

Other Ways to Earn Money with YouTube

YouTube gives YouTubers more than basic revenue sharing using CPC and CPM. Here are the additional official services offered by YouTube.


Super Chat lets viewers pay to have their comment pinned in the ticker of live chat during any channel’s live stream. Revenues from Super Chat are earned in the same way that you earn revenue from Google AdSense. This feature is fantastic for YouTuber’s with a large number of followers as small channels typically have less cluttered chats.

Viewers will be paying to get noticed so if there is no incentive and everyone’s message is getting seen clear enough by simply chatting, then Super Chat stickies are not really worth it. It is, however, an excellent new way for busy live streamers to pull in some extra cash, especially if they actively promote their live streams during busy hours.


With Merch, you can link your videos to your online merchandise or crowdfunding site. You can also use Merchant to promote any website which is already verified as associated with your channel.

This is, however, limited to the end-screens of your uploads. YouTube has a full list of approved merchandise and crowdfunding sites available. This is particularly useful for unboxing videos, video reviews for e-commerce providers, and driving awareness for crowdfunding campaigns.

Channel Memberships

Channel Members offer established YouTubers a fantastic range of engaging features for their viewers. Channel membership can supply users with perks such as emojis, badges and all forms of digital and offline goods.

It’s a great way to incentivize subscription and promote an inexpensive product as an introduction to your range. Before you can begin offering channel membership packages via YouTube, your channel needs to be compliant with the following factors:

  • 30,000+ subscribers
  • Existing member of the YouTube Partner Program
  • Zero active strikes

At times, YouTube may offer Channel Membership to channels with fewer than 30,000 subscribers. These membership bonuses are supplied in lure of broadcasters who helped test memberships, membership features, and were also supplied as a part of the YouTube Gaming app.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing models require you to do little more than promote a product or service through a unique tracking link. Prime examples of affiliate marketing on YouTube include channels doing unboxing videos and product reviews. Using this model, you will upload your promotional video targeting the appropriate audience.

In your video’s description you’ll supply the affiliate link to the item, for example, something on Amazon, and then if the user carries through on the sale from your link, you’ll earn a commission. There are many other forms of affiliate marketing but product promotion is one of the most straight-forward. Here’s a list of some of the biggest and most-established affiliate marketing firms around so that you know exactly who to try:

  • PeerFly
  • MaxBounty
  • CPALead
  • CPAGrip
  • Clickbooth
  • Neverblue
  • Mundo Media
  • Adscend Media
  • AdWorkMedia

Many of these affiliate marketing companies supply a range of tools designed to make advertising their offers easy for non-technical users. If you are waiting to reach the monetization threshold then feel free to look at affiliate marketing. It can even be considered as a full-fledged alternative to earning with the YouTube Partner Program, although this can be seen more akin to driving traffic than making a living as a YouTuber.

Cost Per Action Marketing

A subdivision of affiliate marketing is cost per action or CPA. This form of marketing requires you, the video creator (affiliate) to coax a viewer into performing a specific action. This could be downloading a digital resource like a book, app or game, or even supplying an email address and subscribing to a newsletter.

Some cost per action marketing campaigns will require a paid subscription but most marketers stick to the promotion of free offers unless they are reselling a product via this method.

Content locking uses CPA offers and allows new users to monetize videos without needing an established channel or audience. Such videos will present the viewer with the offer of a digital product or service at the cost of filling out a free offer or completing a free download. Once the offer is done the content is then unlocked and the user is free to download or view whatever it is that was offered to them.

From eBooks to illegitimate tools such as game hacks, indie music, community tools for public projects and all sorts of information-based content can be locked and monetized using YouTube as a springboard.

Potential YouTube Sponsorships

Once your channel is established and you’ve got a solid subscriber base who can’t wait to watch your weekly videos, it is time to consider sponsorships. There are lots of large companies who will pay top dollar to have the reach and exposure offered by your channel. This is especially true of channels who hold an audience made up of demographics in demand by advertisers.

Sponsorships can range greatly. YouTubers can expect to earn around $100 to $300 a sponsored post once they’ve amassed around 10,000 subscribers while YouTube superstars earn much, much more. During 2018 alone, gaming comedy broadcaster PewDiePie managed to bring in a massive $450,000 from one partnership alone.

New YouTubers can often accrue themselves a steady supply of merchandise to review from partnerships and sponsorships from leading local manufacturers. Never underestimate the reach that your channel has and always take the time to consider what products your viewers may be interested in. This insight can go a long way towards sourcing a high-paying sponsor for your up-and-coming YouTube channel.

The Importance of Quality Engaging Content

Random uploads are not going to make you money. You could get lucky but the chances of being noticed are extremely slim. Steady earners on YouTube take the time to understand their viewers, building communities as they broadcast. Great content needs to not only be perfected matched to the interests of your viewers. It needs to be engaging as well.

The only way to guarantee that your channel or video lingers in the mind of another is to show them something which engages them on an emotional level. Regular broadcasting is the key to being remembered and recognized as a YouTuber who needs to be followed.

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