How to Make Money on YouTube Without AdSense?

How to Make Money on YouTube Without AdSense
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YouTube is the most popular online video platform available. It has a massive market capitalization of $742 billion as determined by Business Insider. Disney only reaches $155 billion. The video giant is a provider of entertainment and revenue to countless people all around the world. YouTube is available in 78 different languages, covering 95% of all languages. It is no wonder that it is among the largest and most powerful marketing platforms on planet Earth.

YouTube offers video creators and lives streamers tons of ways to monetize their content; however, the YouTube Partner Program and AdSense is not the only way to make money on YouTube.

Here we’ll be taking you through a look at a few of the other ways that you can make money on YouTube without AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

All that it takes to earn money using affiliate marketing is to promote a product or service and then supply a link to buy the product with your own affiliate code attached. After visiting an online retailer using your code, the user will have a tracking cookie in place which then qualifies you to receive a commission on any of their purchases.

Affiliate Marketing

Unboxing videos are a great example of affiliate marketing at work, but this is not the only way to earn with affiliates. You can find a range of products and services to promote spanning any industry and promotional methods can involve direct promotion, comparative reviews, top lists, and more creative solutions like incentivized marketing. Amazon Associates is a fine example of a large affiliate partnership while has a broad selection of direct offers.

Content Locking

Content locking is a form of affiliate marketing whereby the video creator requests that you complete an “offer” before a digital download is “unlocked.” Access to your digital resource is only given once you visit an affiliate site and complete a free offer, email subscription, or carry out a download. Not all content locking offers are free, leading to the abuse of this method by those who do not disclose their intentions.

Many things can be content locked from promotion codes granting digital services to custom developed books, guides, tools, and even fully-fledged desktop and mobile applications. Each time a user completes an offer and receives their digital goods you are guaranteed an affiliate payment which can range anywhere between $0.10 and $100. Most signups as simple as email submissions pay just less than a dollar.

YouTube Sponsorships

YouTube sponsorships are really only an option to YouTubers with a fairly established subscriber base. Monetizing with sponsorships requires YouTube to receive the sponsorship of a brand by means of receiving money or goods to promote/review.

Sponsorship then requires the YouTuber to promote the brand in a fixed number of videos or for a set duration. YouTube sponsorships can grow to massive totals with prominent YouTuber PewDiePie pulling in a whopping $450,000 in a single sponsorship during 2018.

Selling Merchandise

One of the best ways to make money on AdSense is to buy and sell merchandise. You can either go the complex route and find an agency or drop-shipping company. Alternatively, buy goods at a low price which you know are popular and sell them for a profit online using YouTube as your means of promotion.

It’ll take brand building but this is a sure-fire way to generate interest if you target your audience properly. It is also one of the best forms of advertising for people who sell handcrafted goods.

Digital Products and Services

Digital products and services are perfect for YouTube promotion. Try to post a variety of videos which showcase your skills instead of only hosting promotional content for the skills, services or products you are providing. YouTube can be seen as a digital portfolio with a global reach. Many people make tidy earnings reselling products and services.

Got an eye for design? Resell T-shirts using an online provider. Writer or novelist? Showcase your work on YouTube. Sell eBooks, creative writing or copywriting services. It is a fantastic springboard to reach broad, targeted audiences with minimal expense.

Digital Products and Services

Promote Other Channels

Most channels are constantly looking for exposure. If you’ve got a fairly established channel but haven’t yet reached monetization eligibility then reach out to other video creators in your industry or niche. Offer sponsored posting for a nominal fee to earn some revenue while you grow your subscriber base and theirs.


Crowdfunding is a fantastic way for creative projects to get the start that they need. Create a series of videos hosted on your project’s very own YouTube project to guarantee yourself the highest chance of exposure. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two fantastic options for those thinking about crowdfunding. Regardless of what you need traffic for, YouTube works.

Fan Funding from YouTube

Fan funding works similar to crowdfunding. YouTube Fan Funding and Patreon and platforms which allow fans to subscribe and support the video creators that they follow. Never underestimate the value of donations to a new channel. After all, most of your income if not all of it needs to go back into production and running costs in order to keep the videos coming.

Growing Fan Followings on Other Social Networks

Another key use of YouTube traffic is using your audience to jump-start another social media following. Promoting your Twitter, Facebook Page, or LinkedIn is possible as long as you don’t promote it exclusively. YouTube is a powerful tool for brand building and has been used to funnel traffic to everything from initial coin offerings to product launches.

Always think how you can transfer your subscribers to another medium to make the most out of your content creation and marketing.

Versatile and Powerful Marketing with YouTube

There are lots of ways to generate a passive income from your active efforts on YouTube. As long as your videos comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines it won’t be long before you qualify for monetization through the advertising giant itself. Even video creators with directly commercial interests will find value in building an established channel on YouTube.

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