What Does Monetize Mean On YouTube?

What Does Monetize Mean On YouTube?
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The word monetization carries various meanings. In simple terms, it means converting or establishing something into legal tender. But apart from banking terms, you must have heard of this word coming up with YouTube and the growing business of online media channels. So, what does monetize mean on YouTube? The explanation is simple and complicated at the same time.

Basically, it refers to the official program conducted by YouTube to allow users, especially video uploaders, to generate revenue through their content. Although this is a great benefit for creative, tech-savvy people to earn from their hobbies, YouTube has a strict set of criteria on who they deem eligible for this program.

How Does it Work?

Watching videos on YouTube is absolutely free, at least for now. Then how does YouTube pay its channel owners? Where does the money come from? Well, the answer lies in the topic itself. It generates revenue by monetizing your videos.

Obviously, you must’ve noticed the ads which are sometimes useful but mostly a nuisance to viewers. Advertisers pay YouTube large amounts of cash to play their ads. Thus, when Youtube’s system plays one or more of these ads in your video, it shares a part of that money with you. That’s how the monetization market works with YouTube.

The Criteria

Now that you know this, you should get out, show some creativity on the camera and get earning, right? No. The criteria YouTube set to monetize channels through its YouTube Partner Program (YPP) are necessary to clear before you get to make money. These milestones are, namely, a thousand subscribers, and 4000 hours of watch time at least.

In addition, copyrights are also a big issue for YouTubers. To be eligible, the content you create should be 100% your own creation. You can’t even monetize a video with original creativity if you use some parts of copyrighted content in it. For example, a sound clip, commentary or a music tune. Similarly, videos you take yourself but contain copyrighted content in the background, like your television screen or radio cannot be eligible as well.

Also, YouTube holds the right to have the last verdict in any circumstances. They can even put you out if they think your content is not good enough or appropriate to add advertisements.


If you want to put your video up for monetization, you can do so when you upload it. Click on the ‘monetize my video’ option which comes under the tab, ‘monetization’ on the video upload page.

Apart from that, you can also submit a video you uploaded some time ago by going to the ‘video manager’ section on your channel. You will get the same monetization tab where you can click ‘monetize my video’ to start the process.

After that, your video will go through a detailed review process conducted by YouTube. They will investigate your rights on the video and may ask you to produce valid proof about the same.

Finally, if your clip is accepted, you will then be required to link your YouTube account to a Google AdSense account where you will receive your payment.


Nobody can answer surely how much money YouTubers make through their videos. This is because YouTube has not made this information public.

Though it’s part of the criteria, the number of views you get doesn’t decide your earnings. It also depends highly on how interesting and unique your work is and how many people follow it regularly. Factors like these help advertisers choose your channel for targeted advertisement, which in turn, will make YouTube pay you more.

Also, there are different types of advertisements placed before, after or during the runtime of a video. These include banners as well as skippable and non-skippable ads. This means that the type of ads YouTube places on your work determines your earnings as well.

Besides that, it has also been reported that YouTube keeps 45 percent of ad income for itself and shares the other 55 percent with the YouTuber. While, statistics show that on a normal rate, a YouTuber can make from two up to ten USD per one thousand views. Also, you need to cross a certain monetary figure to actually receive the amount. Last confirmed, that amount was $100 in the United States.

Market Affiliation

Another way you can make money through your YouTube videos is affiliating to a brand or product. This way, you can incorporate ads into your content to give light to the products you choose.

For example, you can use the product in tutorials or talk about it in your script or while addressing your fan community. Similar to that, you can do unboxing and straight-out product reviews. Provide the link to your chosen product in your video description to increase its web traffic. This way the marketing you provide for the product will help you earn through it.

Benefits of YouTube Monetization

What does monetize mean on YouTube? If you were asking that question before you went through this article, it means a lot of benefits to a lot of people.

  • As most of the work is video-based, it’s quite fun to create.
  • People get a chance to cash in on their skills.
  • Many vocations, such as art, cooking, designing, handiwork and much more, can be imparted to people through tutorials, making almost any skill known to the world wide web.
  • You don’t necessarily have to invest in fancy equipment.
  • Uploading is free, so you can start your venture with limited financial support as well.

Final Words

YouTube monetization is a strict, strongly guarded platform. It provides eligible creators to share the revenue YouTube makes through its videos. In addition, this endeavor that YouTube has taken up gives a platform to a lot of talents, ideas, and enterprises to work on their skills even further and gain popularity.

Also, the rules encourage fresh YouTubers to create original content and avoid copyright offenses. This discourages the use of piracy, online theft, and clickbaits to give viewers more value for their time.

So, the next time someone asks you what does monetize mean on YouTube, we hope you’ll be ready with an answer.

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