What Does Youtube Pay Per View Mean?

What Does Youtube Pay Per View Mean?
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With the advent of social media, commercialism has reached the next level. There was a time when we used to sign up on social media only to socialize with friends. However, these sites are becoming a hub for earning money. Likewise, the biggest video-sharing website, Youtube, pays per view to its subscribers. If you aren’t sure that what does Youtube pay per view mean, we have got you covered.

There was a time when promotions and advertisements were only limited to TV and radio. Now, you can see that on social media and other digital platforms as well. Even a random social media user can showcase their talent by promoting their craft and brand due to the low cost of advertising. To do so, one must have a social media account, a good fan-following and the know-how on social networking sites.

What Does Youtube Pay Per View Mean?

Well, the answer is quite simple. Youtube lets you sell your talent online while taking advantage of your followers. Be it makeup, teaching, cooking, IT, dancing or just your daily vlogs, you can easily be a part of Youtube’s army by uploading videos.

However, Youtube doesn’t actually pay per view to its users. Just like TV channels, Youtube uploads ads in between your videos and pays according to the people’s engagement with these ads. In other words, you have to click or watch that ad for more than 30 seconds.

Youtube Partner Program

This is the platform for every Youtuber, from where he can start monetizing his content. Once you create your own Youtube channel and start getting some followers, you can then be a part of the Youtube Partner Program. To be part of the program, you need to:

  • Comply with YPP’s eligibility criteria
  • Check whether your content is according to YPP (Youtube Partner Program) policies.

Once you’re in, you can earn money from the advertisements played on your videos.

Ad Types According to Cost

Based on their engagement, Youtube divided ads into two cost types: per view and per click.

Cost Per View

Cost per view or CPV means you get paid once the viewer watches the ad for 30 seconds or watches even half of it. Here, you can click the ad a thousand times, but Youtube won’t pay for those clicks as it is paying for views only.

Cost Per Click

For cost per click or CPC, the advertiser pays for the number of clicks the ad gets. Moreover, in this type, each keyword is worth some amount. If a keyword is worth two dollars, you will get two dollars against each click of that keyword. Such ads pop up while you are watching a video at the lower part of your screen or you might see an ad banner on the right side of the video.

Ad Types According to Previews

The following are how Youtube defines its ads according to previews:


Have you ever happened to see an ad in search results while searching for a specific video? These in-search ads appear in a light yellow-colored box.


Ads that you see before a video starts to play are called pre-roll ads. You can skip these ads after five seconds.


These are the ads that you see in the suggested video area on the right side of your screen.

Third Party Pre-Roll

Unlike pre-roll ads, you have to watch these ads for a specific amount of time like 10 seconds. After that, you can skip the ad.

Factors Determining the Price per View

Apart from cost per view and cost per click, there are several other factors that can determine the price you can earn for uploading a quality Youtube video each time. Those factors are as follows:

  • Age, gender and location of viewers (US-based views tend to pay more)
  • Type of content (DIY, Vlogs, viral, etc.)
  • How frequently you upload a video on your channel
  • Audience watch time
  • Subscriber count
  • The ratio of subscribers to viewers
  • Number of viewers on mobile versus the number of viewers on their computers

Other Ways to Earn Through a Youtube Channel

To maximize the revenue earned by ads, you need to use other important tools to engage your viewers with the ads. These smart strategies can minimize the effort and time you put on your channel, giving you a massive turn over.

Promote Products

There is a bunch of products you can pick and promote on your Youtube channel. Serving as a way to earn a commission, you can describe these products in your videos and blogs. Remember, an honest review of a product can help someone make their decision. So, you can help your followers by reviewing the products, while getting some commission off it.

Use Visual Media

To showcase and promote your own products, you can link your other social media profiles including Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. By directing followers to these social media sites, you can earn sufficient money.

Define Audience

Understanding your audience is one of the imperative steps to be a successful Youtube content creator. As advertisers look for Youtube channels that have defined their audience, you need to know the demographics of your viewers. Considering the fact that advertisers place ads on the well-defined audience, you can also create videos that target specific types of users.

Use a High CPC Word

As a matter of fact, there are certain keywords that have a higher CPC than others. So, you need to use such keywords for which the advertisers will pay you more. For keywords with higher CPC, the Click Through Rate (CTR) is more than the ones with lower CPC. However, competition is also higher for High CPC words.

Summing Up

To be a successful Youtube creator, it is crucial for you to know, “What does Youtube pay per view mean?”. Having a massive fan following or a large number of views on your videos can’t guarantee the amount of money you can earn. However, if you follow the strategy, target a specific audience and create your content accordingly, you can make money with Youtube.

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