What to Vlog About on YouTube

What to Vlog About on YouTube
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The growth of video blogging or “vlogging” has changed the way the world accesses content. YouTube is now the go-to destination for entertainment, consumer advice and general reference. There is a good chance if you need an honest opinion about a product or service, someone will have reviewed it on YouTube. If you need to know how to fix a broken vacuum, someone will have a video a “how-to,” and if you want to keep up to date on the latest fashion trends, tips and tricks, it’s all on YouTube in bucket loads.

There are millions of bloggers producing quality content every day. Some of YouTube’s top creators have grown their audience to millions of people by creating authentic connections with their fans. If you’re starting, the thought of speaking into a camera can be quite daunting, and that’s before you try and decide what to vlog about on YouTube. With millions of people all trying to do the same thing, how do you make your Vlog stand out from the crowd and what should you vlog about?

If you talk to any of the successful YouTubers, the common themes that everyone pins on their success on is authenticity. Being able to connect with your audience authentically is the reason why people have been drawn to YouTube and away from other forms of media, which can be seen as disingenuous.

YouTube is about creating a sense of community so the key to success is making your content authentic, accessible and genuinely interacting with your audience. Adopting a conversational tone ensures that your blog has a relaxed, informal tone that is engaging to people. It creates a connection between you and the audience, almost as if you were talking to each other in the same room.

It is this ability to connect with your viewer (across any topic that you choose) that will be the tipping point to success. It doesn’t matter what topic you want to vlog about, adopting this conversational style applies to a wide range of ideas which we will elaborate on below.

Personal Topic

This is one of the most common types of vlog on YouTube. It’s almost like someone is video diarizing their personal life, much like keeping a journal. These kinds of vlogs are a favorite on YouTube, as the vlogger is genuinely engaging with the audience and sharing a part of their personal life and personal thoughts.

Viewers like this in the same way that we have been fascinated with reality TV, as they feel like they have access into somebody’s private life. This type of vlogging tends to create a large community of people who share similar values, almost as if  itis one extended network of friends. This personal topic lends itself to absolutely anything and you will find successful channels about a whole range of personal things, such as becoming more confident, a day in the life of x, or a middle-age guide to fatherhood. The world is your oyster!

Educational Topic

This is another very common type of vlog on YouTube and still requires a personal conversation or touch, to engage effectively with your audience. You are still talking directly to the camera, but you are educating the viewer on something that you have a particular skill in.  Maybe this could be a “how to” video based on specific skills, such as cookery or gardening, anything where you can share your personal experience and personal knowledge.

It could be a product review, where you are sharing your own, genuine, personal experience about using the product, or perhaps it could be business educational information, sharing your top tips on being an entrepreneur or marketing a product. Whatever it is, your audience will connect with you because of your style and personality.

Performance Topic

This is different from the personal topic, although similar in many ways. Although you are speaking directly to a camera, you’re not vlogging about your own experiences. This is a fantastic platform if you are a budding actor, an aspiring comedian, or a musician who wants to create a YouTube channel that showcases your talent. Another favorite genre of YouTube vlogging in the performance category, is storytelling to the camera.  Storytellers take the form of observational speeches about specific topics and are affectionately called “video ranting.”


To be a vlogger doesn’t necessarily mean but you have to be the main character in the video. Maybe you are interested in a particular niche or, and your idea is to produce videos based on that topic. For example, you could be a bird watcher and are interested in creating beautiful videos of birds in their natural environment, that are compelling and engaging. Maybe you are a mountain biker, and your idea is to edit helmet camera footage of some of your fantastic mountain biking descents.

Whatever the topic, well-edited videos are a draw for people on YouTube and these can remain personal and authentic by you “topping and tailing” the video with an introduction and a conclusion direct on camera. Tell people why you wanted to make the video and explain to them what’s about to happen with a tease. Then conclude with a genuine call to action to subscribe, or share.  This keeps it conversational and authentic but also gives people the entertainment factor.


Screencasting is a fantastic technique if you wish to demonstrate to people what you are doing on screen. Effectively, you are sharing your screen with the viewer and commentating as to what you are doing. This has a similar personal connection as if you are doing a personal topic, as the viewer feels that they are looking at what you are doing. One of the most successful types of screencasting is gaming. Some of the highest paid YouTube Stars are gamers, such as PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye, earning millions of dollars between them.

This is effectively an education-style vlog, although in most cases there is a performance-related element to their vlog. It may look like just a crazy guy playing video games, but they have created a character and understood how to connect with their audience uniquely. Other exciting ideas in this category could also be education-specific topics when showing people how to do computer-based techniques, such as video editing or coding for example.

The beauty of YouTube is that it encourages authentic and unique content. Therefore, whatever topic you choose, if you can add your unique personality to whatever you do, there was a chance it will be successful.

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